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Hello! I am Natalie, a professional, licensed, and insured massage therapist. Massage therapy has always been my passion, a secret that holds the knowledge of recovery and healing. I have spent years discovering the magic effect that massage therapy has on helping the human body. While performing my own studies and practices, I graduated from the Aveda Denver Institute. My knowledge became deeper on a professional level and it paved the way for me to become a licensed massage therapist.

In order to become licensed, I needed to know all the muscles, diseases, and interactions of the body. After hard work and determination, as well as experience in massage salons and therapy recovery clinics, I became licensed and now practice at my own location.

If you need full-body healing or relief from stress, my place is the right one for you. I provide a large selection of technics you can choose from, as well as a safe and comfortable environment during your appointment.

Hot Stone

The heat of the volcanic basalt stones.

A treatment that we offer is the stone massage. This treatment is especially helpful with relieving muscle tension and pain, as well as reducing stress and anxiety. While boosting immunity, this massage also promotes sleep and will leave you feeling refreshed. It may also help decrease symptoms related to cancer treatment for those we are suffering.

Ancient Chinese Healing Arts

Cupping involves unique applications that can improve a variety of muscular and neurological disorders. Benefits of this treatment include: eliminating toxic buildup, increase of oxygen in cells, increased flexibility, and boosted nutrition function.

Treat yourself to most relaxing hour of your life!

Our Swedish massage involves long kneading strokes combined with rhythmic tapping strokes and movement of the joints. This type of massage targets the uppermost layer of muscles and arms to relieve muscle tension. It helps with lower back pain, decrease in muscle tension, and the improvement of pain and stress levels.
Deep Tissue

The benefits aren’t just muscle and pain-related

One type of our massage therapy is deep tissue massage which focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. The therapist uses knuckles and elbows to "strip out" muscle tissue as far down to the bone as possible. It is good for chronically tense areas such as stiff necks, low tightness, and sore shoulders.

Quality Service. Attention to Detail.

Relaxation at its best.

Hot Stone 60 min $ 90
Swedish 60 min $ 90
Cupping 60 min $ 90
Deep Tissue 60 min $ 95
Sport Massage 60 min $ 95
Lymphatic Drainage 60 min $ 75
Radiant Scrub 60 min $ 95
Reflexology 60 min $ 90
Renewal Body Wrap 60 min $ 95
Sport Massage

Those who engage in regular physical activity

We also offer sports massages that involve the manipulation of soft tissue to benefit those who engage in regular physical activity. Increased joint range of motion, flexibility, and sense of well-being are expected after this treatment. Other benefits are decrease in muscle tension and muscle spasms, and this treatment causes neurological excitability.
Lymphatic Drainage
Lymphatic Drainage

Flushing the toxins from the body

Lymphatic drainage is one of the greatest benefits that come from my treatments. It is essential for flushing the toxins from the body. Benefits from this include, fighting cellulite, detoxification, and improving veins and tissue. All you need to do is relax and you will burn between 900-1500 calories during a session.
Radiant Scrub
Radiant Scrub

Essential oils and exfoliating properties

The most popular treatment we offer is our body scrab. With the use of essential oils and exfoliating properties, our clients are left feeling hydrated, smooth, and soft.
Renewal Body Wrap

To rid the body of toxins

Come and try our detox and mineral body wraps! Detox wraps use a variety of products such as algae, seaweed, mud, clay, or gel to rid the body of toxins.

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what our clients say

Jason C
Positive feedback

Natalia is the most skilled masseuse my wife and I have ever worked with! We went from occasionally treating ourselves to a massage every month or so, to weekly appointments. She's that good! We recommend her to all of our friends and family. Thank you Natalia!! Большое спасибо!

Soussanna T
Positive feedback

I would like to thank Natalie, she's an amazing massage therapist. Our session was very comfortable and professional and I must say my body has never felt better. Natalie has strong, yet gentle hands that deliver the most powerful and relaxing massage and her soothing personality make me feel peaceful and at easy. I'm very grateful for the amazing work she did, highly recommended!

Olga S
Positive feedback

Very impressive and professional massage. Natalie knew right away where my pains are and helped me relax.

Galina S
Positive feedback

Natalie is a great massage therapist! Because of her experience she can literally feel tension in the muscles and helps them relax. She's my "go to" massage therapist for many years!

Kate C
Positive feedback

I can always count on Natalie Star Massage to provide the most serene and comfortable experience. It is a very professional environment and I always feel taken care of. Every massage has me feeling refreshed and relaxed. I always look forward to my next appointment!

Leo Star
Positive feedback

One of my favorite places to de-stress and forget about all my troubles. Natalie shows her profound talent for massage with every service she does. She makes me feel as if I am her top priority. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Yulia K
Positive feedback

You can always count on Natalie when you need a good thural full body massage. She constantly takes new classes to keep up with new trends in body care and types of massage. She's highly professional, very sweet, and helps to relieve the pain each and every time!

Lana Var
Positive feedback

Natalie has the amazing ability to improve my overall happiness and comfort. Relaxation is an essential thing in my life, and I am so glad that Natalie can make that happen. Every time I go, I feel completely at peace and tranquil.

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